Changing the Face of Open Identity in Ecommerce

Jonathan LeBlanc (02.Mar.2012 at 13:30)
Talk at ConFoo 2012 (English - UK)

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The case for online identity has been present for as long as there has been a need to customize a web experience for an individual person. From OpenID to BrowserID, there are open solutions for solving the issue of having different logins for all of the sites and services we use. The problem with open identity systems in the Ecommerce world is that the identifying characteristics of a user in current implementations is shallow, providing basically a “yes, this person has an account” answer to “who is this user?”.

This is where new X.commerce identity is trying to change identity. By leveraging off of the massive user Ecommerce information of PayPal and eBay, open Ecommerce identity is now a valuable source of real user data. Using buying and selling history, user ratings, profile identifiers and a vast array of different user data, X.commerce identity is able to define “trust levels” for a user who signs in to your site and provide solutions for easy, secure identity and payment.

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Rating: 5 of 5

06.Mar.2012 at 19:09 by Anonymous

Great session and very engaging speaker!

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