Frontin' like a back-er


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Leerzame talk op een leuke manier gegeven. Zelf werk ik ook niet graag in de frontend. Onlangs wat met Angular gedaan, herkende de geschetste problematiek dan ook. Het hele Alt.js, ReactJs en Flux stuk zag er heel vet uit. Zeker iets om te gaan proberen.

Laatste sheets was even lastig om te volgen wat nu wat was. Buiten dat geen negatieve punten.

Anonymous at 10:02 on 27 Nov 2015

Great talk. Nice story about like/disliking javascript and how to deal with it as a back-ender. Also provided a good overview of the current javascript front-end frameworks and a nice introduction in the concepts of ReactJS. Looking forward to put my knew knowledge into ReactJS code.

Anonymous at 13:58 on 27 Nov 2015

Great talk about the pro's and cons about JS and how we struggle with it on daily base. I did hear already things about React but after this talk the other talks and tutorials make a bit more sense! Can't wait for looking for a opportunity to use it.

Only thing that I thought you where a bit nervous? Standing a lot with your glass in your hand. If you where it was totally unnecessary.

Natural speaker and a good talk. I was already very curious about reactjs and this talk validated my feelings and gave a lot of insights in the use of certain concepts.

Tip: in the alt.js/flux part I was focused on following the code when I should have been more focussed on the flow and the concept as you said after the talk. Would be nice if you put extra emphasis on that up front.