Behat+Mink+PhantomJS = Test ALL THE THINGS!


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Alessandro Lai at 12:39 on 15 May 2015

Simple, basic but still a really enjoyable talk!

Covered a lot of stuff (maybe too much to go into detail of anything) but came in under time.

However what we got was a good overview of end-to-end testing using Behat, delivered well.

Anonymous at 15:11 on 15 May 2015

I'm sorry to post that comment as I'm sure the speaker can do much more than that. But this time she didn't well. She had 1 hour and used ~30 minutes. The tone of the voice was often the same and many in the room heard the fear/anxiety she had. Many times I had the impression she was going to cry. Sometimes it happens, and it's fine. Speakers have a lot of pressure.

The topic was good but the speed was too fast.

I hope next time you'll perform better. For now I can't help but rate as 1 star.

The speech was interesting, there was enought time left to explain something more (e.t. was 1h, the speech ended in 30mins)

Interesting introductory talk, and even if I already knew the topic, I got a couple of good new advices home.

P.S. If you dislike a talk, have the guts to not comment anonimously, come on!

Hi Michelle! You make a great work and i love your contribute to BDD. With your help, i get a lot of interesting things. Just an advice, don't worry about anonymous opinions, the important ones are those concrete! Well done! ;)

a good, light-hearted and fun overview - sometimes a little rushed perhaps. BTW, cool t-shirt michelle!

A bit too fast paced but good introduction to the motivations behind the tools.

She clearly knows her onions, and the arguments were really interesting, but and the end I feel to not had too much from the talk, since many arguments were touched, but without going deeper in any of this, and without seeing anything in action.
She is a very nice girl but I think she's was a bit nervous: I'm quite sure she can do better and give more.
I thank her anyway, of course.

Many topics were covered in this talk, maybe even too much. An informative talk.

Maybe I had higher expectation from this talk than I should and that's reason why I am not completely satisfied. I think that speaker should go deeper in some areas and to give her talk more confidence.

Speakers talking skills could be improved. Narration was a flat line, and speaker did not keep listeners attention all the time.

Lot of information without a story to connect them. For next talk voice up and connect information into a "story".

Topic is very very interested.

I understood from Twitter that the speaker was not feeling well from a concussion, so I will limit this feedback to the content presented. The material presented on Behat was however not much more than what you can read in the Behat manual and given the 1-hour slot the actual 30 minutes felt rushed.

Good introductory talk. I got some hints even if I knew the topic.

A bit too basic but really nice (and passionate speaker)