Down The Rabbit Hole


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Very inspiring!

Alessandro Lai at 11:00 on 16 May 2015

Really a great talk and a great speaker! Passionate, meaningful, engaging and, it needs to be remembered, also some tears were shed!

Very inspiring talk! I loved your introduction and how you got back to it at the end of your talk. I also loved how you put so much of your personality into this talk. Thanks Cal, great job.

Inspiring and touching keynote

Anonymous at 19:45 on 16 May 2015

The start of the talk was a bit awkward. You could feel something in the air, and I was not impressed. Then everything became clear, and the awkwardness of the beginning suddenly made so much sense. We were all moved. Thanks for sharing this!

One of the best keynotes so far.

A great keynote, a lot of content, history and honest feelings came through it. I enjoyed it a lot and truly "lived" your story through your words.
Cool jokes too. Just a little thing: there's a typo in one tweetable slide, there's a "it's" instead of an "its".

Simple, feasible and vital steps towards a better live with and inside your software-related community

Truly inspired. Thank you

Open, moving, truthful and motivating

Very strong and inspiring keynote. Good job.

Thank you for this talk - it was awesome.

Great. I enjoyed in this motivation talk.

Very inspiring talk. Passionate and touching speech.

Wonderful storytelling on a topic that can be fluffy.

Really inspiring, thanks for sharing

Anonymous at 11:29 on 19 May 2015

thx for sharing!

very inspiring! passionate and funny. thx!

Inspiring and touching keynote.