Introduction to Event Sourcing and CQRS with Broadway


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Very interesting topic which pushes me to deepen knowledge about Event Storming and Event Sourcing.
Session was not so easy to follow for CQRS/ES beginners (like me).

Good but fast explanations, Broadway contained some magic which has not been explained. Some room to process the content would be nice.

Good introduction to CQRS+Broadway.


- more insights on Broadway's architecture/functionality (probably by reducing the testing part)
- better slide/IDE colors (projectors are terrible)
- reduce assumptions (hard to follow for real newcomers)

Can't get enough hands-on for the topic. Too much things to say in a 2 hours workshop, not for beginners but the speaker was clear enough most of the time.

Nicely structured introduction to CQRS in such short time. But I think I need to revisit the slides and play with sample code a bit.

Liked how a supposedly crud-ish example was modeled with CQRS and DDD, would have focused less on the tests and more on the implementation parts

Delivers on the title promise: introduction to both concepts and tooling. In 2 hours it's not an easy task.

Great workshop that covered a lot of DDD concepts. In 2 hours I don't think it could be done better.