Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Developer


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Alessandro Lai at 11:12 on 15 May 2015

Inspiring, simple and full of insightful hints and suggestions.

Anonymous at 11:17 on 15 May 2015

Simply great

I would like to thank u Yitzchok, it has been a very inspiring for me, great talk! "acquire a mentor" and "timids does not learn" are great Maxims!

Great talk!
The rabbi now has a new proselyte! :-]

really inspirational keynote, thank you Yitz

Nothing unexpected, but still very inspiring. Good ideas are always worth reminding.

Really motivating to start engaging and helping others.

Hebrew quotes are all repeated in english so could be dropped for time :-)

Anonymous at 18:19 on 15 May 2015

Great and inspiring

Really inspirational

It was a nice and well done "philosophical" speech.

Anonymous at 22:45 on 15 May 2015

I was tempted to put 4 just because this guy is so good at talking that it's almost unfair :D

Anonymous at 09:01 on 16 May 2015

The perfect starting talk

I was so excited about this talk. After that, i talked for a while with Willroth and he really inspired me. I would like to thank Yitzchok right here!

a great, inspiring and uplifting talk that leaves you with "rules" that you can apply to any craft you're into - music, programming, - and of course life.
thank you rabbi!

Great way to "dive" into the starting conference and be inspired to recognize the amazing that communities are filled with

Totally inspiring. I loved the concepts he exposed and I loved the way he exposed them.

Really great keynote. Could not think of a better start into the conference.

"If not now, when?". Great keynote, fantastic intro for the conference.

This talk was really good and inspiring. Speaker gave us examples how we should behave as individual and as part of the community.

Interesting and philosophical talk.

Very inspiring talk. Before this talk I already find myself a tutor, but after the talk I want to also be a tutor and for juniors.

Also I am very motivated to blog more now. From my perspective this was a great motivating talk. Thank you very much.

Mr Willroth is for sure a great public speaker and he handled the pressure and attention of a keynote well.
However, I can understand how new people entering the field need the kind of lessons that were taught here, but the picture of software development painted by the keynote is a simplistic view of the world. Pairing and mentorship are no substitute for hard work and the "gladwellian 10,000 hours" belittled here.

Really inspiring, let everyone think about his power as developer (even if apprentice)

Very inspiring and motivating