Project showcases: & - Hans Vanderstraeten & Ambroos Vaes (Wieni)

Hans Vanderstraeten (Wieni) will showcase, Wieni’s modular digital asset management system built with Symfony 2, ImageMagick, Drupal 7, Redis, Backbone.js, Cloudfront, Elasticsearch en S3.

Ambroos Vaes (Wieni) will explain us how works, and more importantly keeps working. is created using a Drupal-backend with a Laravel-frontend. With some part of the servers protected behind VPN and the database structure of Drupal, it proved to be quite a challenge!

Responsive Images in HTML: picture, scrset & sizes - Jan Henckens (Statik)

After WordCamp Berlin, Jan Henckens (Webdeveloper @ Statik, WordPress contributor) will be playing a home match in Leuven this evening. Responsive Images in HTML: picture, scrset, sizes - with browser support being here already and retina displays being old news, you should know about this! Easy to implement, but possibly with big impact.