16 attended
Host: Jakub Zalas

4Developers is the biggest programming event in Poland – 400 developers, 4 parallel tracks and more than 30 speakers!

4Developers is a professional, technical conference for developers, project managers and all students interested in programming. It is a place to introduce latest developments, share ideas and find solutions for most common issues concerning writing, testing, debugging and maintaining the code.

4Developers will be divided into 4 independent tracks to discuss technology and issues that arise in every software company:

* Java
* Scalability & Performance
* IT Project Management

This year we added Scalability & Performance track to help programmers with building efficient , high-performance and scalable applications, that are able to handle a growing number of users. Attending this session we will learn how to design applications that will function well even during the traffic spikes. Experts will show how to scale down & up your applications to meet the current needs of your clients. The practical knowledge aquired during this track will help developers to adjust to the changing demands of IT market and create better, more flexible and scalable applications.

During the conference the best experts from US, Europe and Poland will share their experience and discuss new programming solutions. So far we had a pleasure to host speakers such as Neal Ford, Ted Neward, Sebastian Bergmann, Ivo Jansch and Derick Rethans.

Current, third edition of 4Developers takes place in April 2011 in Warsaw, Poland.