Talk comments

Cecilia at 12:47 on 30 Dec 2015

This was a great workshop, Ivan and Manuela were tremendously helpful and everything was set up so that participants could get the most out of the experience.

Cecilia at 12:41 on 30 Dec 2015

The workshop was great, and the lego bricks challenge was a very good simulation of the processes and dynamics that take place in our current everyday team work...really thought-provoking

Its always enjoyable to learn from the experienced. He really explaind 'what to do' and 'what NOT to do' :)

The presentation was great, a rough topic... but he made it really interesting.

More a case study than a general talk. And a very personal case study... Sorry, but the answer to "I have these difficoulties, how can I sell these concepts to my peers?" can't be "if you don't like the way they work, send me your CV and leave them"; giving up on people should be an extreme measure, it can't be the preferred option

A good conversation starter. It was very interesting to see how different groups took the problem from completely different directions, even if the solutions didn't differ that much.

Good recap of the Amazon landscape relevant to the subject. Given the breadth of AWS' offering, it's a useful summary.

Very interesting case study, with a good reminder that an agile solution is a solution you find for yourself.

Classical introduction to Agile methodologies. Speaker surpisingly effective, some problems notwithstanding.

Interesting introduction to the event. Several good points, and an engaging speaker.