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Jigal Sanders at 16:35 on 29 Dec 2015

I Liked the subject. It was new for me and for sure gonna try it one day for my home projects.

If I may give a suggestion: the live demo didn't add anything you already said in the slides.

Darn... the comment above should have been made on the talk, not the night...

The night was (as usual for AmsterdamPHP) great. Food, drinks and atmosphere was great!

First of all its always nice to see a concise, easy listening talk about a new tool.

Altough the tool and its depth dont go that far, the presenter did go through it all and even thwarted the demo-gods by giving a live (working!) demo. Kudo's to you sir!

Now for the gripe: my personal opinion was that the presenter seemed 'done' with presenting. :) An overall 'i dont give a f*ck' kind of vibe come off stage that just didn't correlate with the speech as given. It could have been me, but `enthusiasm` seemed lacking.

All in all, knows his stuff, kept it casual, direct and on topic, but could have used a bit more 'energy' :)