Talk comments

Thanks Rick for a great talk.

You had a relaxed way of speaking and really grasped the pre-talk angst of 'this must be theoretical' by starting with the game and progressing from there. The live coding is always tricky but you pulled it off better than others! One has to beware of not skipping over too many 'details' in order to fit the talk in the timeframe...

Thanks for the insights, now lets see where we can drop this into a project ;)

Bas de Ruiter at 11:32 on 20 May 2016

I really liked the subject and Rick is a good presenter.

Live coding wasn't terrible, but I am sure I would have understood better with a talk explaining the code. My experience with this live coding was that the presenter is busy writing code and doesn't have enough time to explain it well. The listener doesn't have enough time to follow everything exactly if it is new.

I had the idea you wanted to sneak in some phpstorm tricks and good coding practices. Your talk would be better with just one focus.

It was a very nice talk with humor and the topic was great!
The only remark (IMO) is that it was too much and repetitive

James Sheils at 09:23 on 20 May 2016

You did a great job getting people interested in the State Machine and how they can use it in their work.
There were quite a few conversations afterwards about the applicability of the pattern to different situations, how it would be useful and what it would be good for. Not everyone seemed to agree that it would be ideal for every circumstance, but they were engaged. Through your talk, people were made aware of a new idea, or at least were shown an old idea in a new light. You were able to ignite the spark in us by demonstrating the relevance of the design pattern and showing its applicability in real situations. It does not matter if your listeners now have a complete understanding of State Machines or not. You have done the more important thing and planted the seeds of curiosity in our tiny coder heads. After your talk, everyone there has enough information to know what to search for if they want to try an implementation for themselves.

None of Yours at 08:34 on 20 May 2016

Thanks for the talk, it really got me interested in the topic. Turns out it's a lot more useful and easier than I had thought. Delivery was also good, I had no problems hearing you and following what you were saying. I did have some problems with seeing code on the screen, probably because I was sitting too far. Also I think you might have skipped some of the stuff about silex and twig, including live coding html that was really related to the subject of the talk (but at least you typed quite fast, so it was bearable). I did like though how you engaged the audience in XP bug searching -- nothing worse than a presenter stuck debugging live-coding session. All in all it was definitely worth attending and big thanks for sharing the knowledge!

Arno de Jong at 08:21 on 20 May 2016

Great Talk! Rick combined humor, understandable examples and some brilliant ideas into a nice piece of software.