Talk comments

Excellent talk. I wasn't sure this was going to be useful when I came to the meeting seeing it was design- and frontend-related, as I don't do design or frontend, but it ended up being really interesting even for hardcore backend devs like me.

All information was presented in a very clear way. I am happy to have attended this talk.

Very nice introduction to responsive design, and how to go about implementing it. I thought that in some moments it digressed a bit from the main message (Inkscape demo for instance), but otherwise a very good talk.

Great insight into how you should face the problem of making a website responsive, not just making things smaller on the mobile versions, but actually thinking about your content and how you want the user's experience to be.

Talk needs a little "honing" on a few topics (some were a bit loose), maybe remove the inkscape demos and focus more on the technique and tips of how to "play around" with the structure before committing to it.

Great talk and a nice follow up of his previous talk "how to not design a toad".
It contained some nice examples and screenshots, and the demo really showed how easy it is to design a new website using an opensource tool like inkscape.
I think I'm gonna give Twitter Bootstrap a try as well after Mike's introduction to it ;)