Talk comments

Nice talk. Could improve in the time management. It was brilliant, but not a "light talk" as it was supposed to be!

Marco Deleu at 12:25 on 17 Nov 2018

Amazing content and great added value at such a short time.

Entertaining delivery, good information, good inspiration, extremely poor time-management.

Teun de Boer at 13:34 on 16 Nov 2018

ADR was new for me. Thank you for that!

Martijn at 08:21 on 16 Nov 2018

I liked the concept, and the points made where good.

However I do agree with Marcus, I would have like a better structure.

I do would like to thank you for the ADR you mentioned, I think our company could really benefit from that.

Marcus Klaas at 21:15 on 15 Nov 2018

Had some good points, but they were very scattered. Talks needs focus and structure.