Talk comments

Anonymous at 11:04 on 22 Aug 2014

As the speaker mentioned himself, the code on some slides was too small to read. But since the slides will be posted online, that problem is already solved. He was a good speaker who covered the subject quickly and clearly.

Good talk. Frank and Robin said it all.

Maybe you could provide a few good resources for further investigation? I know you had a few links in your last slide.

Couldn't agree more with Frank!

The talk contents was great! And I won't reiterate my rant i gave you personally yesterday, but you know what i mean! :)

I'd really like to get into the practical nitty gritty stuff at a later date as a sort of follow up (i.e. `CQRS / Event sourcing from the trenches` by `Pink tie`) But i digress.

The slides (apart from the screenshots-full-of-unreadable-code-slides) were well thought out, not too crowded and made it easy to follow along!

It wouldn't suprise me if you'd end up giving this talk at more formal venues like the various conferences out there! Good luck!

Hi Marijn, good talk yesterday, really enjoyed it. Also nice to hear from someone who actually uses it in day-to-day live, not just theoretical.

You might want to tweak the order of the topics in the talk a bit. I think some confusion existed around read models because a lot of attention went out to the write models. No biggie but the read models are the easiest to grasp so think about putting them in the first few slides, then focus on explaining how to get the data in there.

Obviously you saw that some of the slides were a bit on the challenging side for us with less than 20-20 vision :)

I know you can't possibly do it in 45 mins but what might be interesting for a longer talk/follow up talk is the real challenges that you encountered. What went well (by accident/through good knowledge), what was a real pain. Give us some pointers from experience, along with the examples to back that up.

I'll stop rambling now :) Thanks for the talk!