Improve Your Software with SOLID Code


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It was a nice talk and you know about the subject.
Unfortunately it feels like you where not comfortable explaining it.

I think you did not spend enough time explaining the principles, for some of then you jumped straight to the code

This made the audience focus too much on the code and not enough on the principles.

Anyway it was an interesting talk

Good talk. Agree with Nuno in that it would've been nice to hear more about the principles themselves. Although you went through it quite quickly (I think about 30 mins) the group discussion it sparked afterwards more than made up for it.

I'd say rehearse it a bit more to become more comfortable with talking about it.

Good job!

Anonymous at 12:50 on 19 Oct 2012

great talk - I really liked the idea of having more than one interface to the same class to selectively expose some of it.