Angular is a key player in enterprise-level development, where robust and scalable software solutions are crucial.
This talk distills the essentials of adopting Nx for your Angular projects.
We'll unpack how Nx elevates your development strategy, ensuring scalability, maintainability, and efficiency at an enterprise level. Learn how Nx's advanced tooling and capabilities streamline team collaboration, code consistency, and CI processes, positioning your projects at the forefront of modern development practices.


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Thank you Juri!

5/5 out of trust and the very well exposed presentation. There has been so much to take that it was a little challenging to follow.

Loved the content, directly targeted for complex scenarios.

One of most important open source tool to scale and mantain Enterprise Project : very great talk about Nx!

Andrea Rizzo at 12:38 on 24 Nov 2023

Useful and interesting tool. The presentation was very well done.

Very interesting, very good explanation, I found some things I never explored into NX. Thank you!

Antonio Nesta at 14:08 on 24 Nov 2023

Awesome, very interesting. Thank you Juri!

Rafael Mestre at 22:36 on 24 Nov 2023

Awesome insights into the past and future of Nx!

Antoine Aubry at 10:49 on 28 Nov 2023

Interesting content and a good presentation.

Enrico Trinco at 15:07 on 29 Nov 2023

Very good presentation and exposition.