The new Angular Standalone APIs provide a modern and simpler approach to develop Angular applications.
In this talk, we will learn how to use them extensively in Angular applications from scaffolding a new Angular project up to using well known providers such as the router and the HTTP client.
We will also cover migration strategies on how to use Standalone APIs in existing NgModule-based applications.


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Straightforward and clear.

Nothing new about standalone API already knew

Antonio Nesta at 10:29 on 24 Nov 2023

Very good presentation, clean and easy to understand.

Good talk about standalone API

Very interesting argument, clearly explained.
Speaker needs to be a little more fluent, though.

Marco Gobbi at 10:32 on 24 Nov 2023

Very interesting and very clear presentation!

Very nice and clear talk

very clear, interesting topic

Andrea Rizzo at 12:35 on 24 Nov 2023

Very interesting and very well presented

Was ok, too much idk on answers

Eunita at 14:24 on 24 Nov 2023

Little bit dry, not so engaging. Very clear explanation though

Leonardo at 15:35 on 24 Nov 2023

Good talk and good topic

Rafael Mestre at 22:33 on 24 Nov 2023

Excellent presentation. Clear and to the point

Antoine Aubry at 10:47 on 28 Nov 2023

Good content but the presentation was a bit too slow.

Enrico Trinco at 15:04 on 29 Nov 2023

Good introduction and explanation of the new API