For the July 2012 BCSPHP meetup, we have invited Daniel Cousineau to travel from Dallas and give us a primer on Git. Since there are many people in the community that are either looking to adopt git or are currently getting started with git, I think this presentation is both timely and interesting.

== The Presentation ==

Git has all but become the defacto source control management for projects large and small, open source and proprietary. Come and not only be introduced to Git and all its quirks, but learn practical repository management, tips on how to migrate to Git, use it with an existing SVN repo if your team can't migrate, and evens one advanced topics and lessons learned the hard way so you don't have to!

== The Speaker ==

Daniel Cousineau is a developer for Splash Media in Dallas, TX. He helps co-organize the DallasPHP user group, helped co-organize the second annual Lone Star PHP conference, speaks at conferences, and is even a former student and former employee of Texas A&M University.

Follow Daniel on Twitter @dcousineau.

== The Details ==

This event will take place on Wednesday, July 18 at 6:15. The meetup is graciously hosted by Improving Enterprises at their College Station office. This means free parking, free food and drinks, and, for those attendees over the age of 21, free beer.

Please register with our meetup group and RSVP at so we can get an accurate number of guests for food purchase.