== The Presentations ==

=== REST Easy - Building RESTful Services in Zend Framework ===

by Chris Weldon

The epicenter of data sharing in "Web 2.0" are web services. Whether you like it or not, you are consuming literally hundreds of services a day, whether it be searching in Google, running Facebook on your mobile device, or searching the App Store on your tablet. Yet, despite our hunger for services, few have ever written one. In this session, you'll learn what are RESTful web services and how to get started creating them in Zend Framework.

=== Composer: Effective Dependency Management for PHP Projects ===

by Jeff Carouth

When people ask you to name your hobbies most likely manually managing dependencies for my project is not high on the list. Composer is a new tool that allows you to easily manage the required libraries and components that make your application scream awesomeness. In this talk we will take a look at how Composer works, how you can use Composer today, and how to expose your projects and libraries via Composer.

== When and Where ==

Once again, Improving Enterprises will be hosting us and being the gracious sponsor for food. We'll meet at 6:15pm on the third Thursday of the month (April 19th). Please RSVP. Select April 19th from the event date select box. We hope you'll be able to join us!

== The Speakers ==

Chris Weldon has been developing agile-centric solutions in PHP since 2003. Chris has been reading, loving, living, and mentoring PHP developers and teams to build high quality, high value solutions. Chris' bailiwick includes implementing identity management solutions for a wide range of applications, including web service infrastructure and Zend Framework-based web applications. Sharing his knowledge by speaking at user groups, universities, conferences, and one-on-one with others is a passion. Chris has been a speaker for several Aggieland and corporate user groups, tech fests, and other conferences and technology groups alike. Chris is also the co-organizer of the B/CS PHP Users Group, blogs at http://www.chrisweldon.net, and is an occasional contributor to Improving Podcasts.

Jeff Carouth works on the Internet. He's been a very passionate web developer since 2003 and works tirelessly as a member of Team Dev at Liftopia. When he's not working you'll likely find him at a community event. He owes a huge debt to the tech community surrounding technologies he uses on a daily basis, so he triest to give back as much as possible. He is a co-organizer of the BCS PHP User Group, a frequent participant in WebGeekHappyHour, a conference speaker, and one of the team that brought HTML5.tx to life in 2011. Follow Jeff as "jcarouth" on Twitter and Github.