It's been quite some time since the Bryan/College Station PHP Users Group has had a meeting. But don't pay your respects quite yet, cause we're back - for good! Jeff Carouth has joined Chris Weldon to perform joint leadership of the user group to make sure the void of PHP talk in B/CS doesn't happen again.

The Change

To bring about more consistency to the group, we're planning on once-a-month meetings on the Third Thursday of the month. Meetings will start at 6:15PM and run until the last person leaves. Furthermore, we plan on having at least the next three months of speakers always lined up, so we don't skip a month.
Also, if you haven't signed up, the mailing list has changed! Join the new mailing list and get in-the-know!

The Presentation

To kick off the reboot, Jeff Carouth is presenting Can't Miss Features of PHP 5.3 and 5.4. If you're like me you remember the days of PHP3 and PHP4; you remember when PHP5 was released, and how it was touted to change to your life. It's still changing and there are some features of PHP 5.3 and new ones coming with PHP 5.4 that will improve your code readability and reusability. Let's look at some touted features such as closures, namespaces, and traits, as well as some features being discussed for future releases.

The Where and When

For this meeting, Improving Enterprises will be graciously hosting the event out of their rural sourcing office in Research Park. This means free, easy parking, free food and drinks, and for those of the legal age, free beer.