Talk comments

The PPI framework sounds like it could make life a lot easier for anyone supporting a legacy application and at the same time be a great choice for starting a new project. Giving developers the freedom to choice the components that fit best at the start of a project but also the flexibility to choose different components later in the project is a win win situation.

Got a real sense of community from this talk could tell Paul is passionate about what he does for a living.

Definitely going to play around with Docker a bit more after this talk. Would have liked to see a bit more with the demos. Paddy’s knowledge of Docker was very impressive and he spoke very well answering all questions at the end with confidence.

This was a great talk by Paul who went well out of his way to present it. The PPI Framework Engine is a great project that ultimately makes a developers' life easier rather than more complex. Highly recommended!

Excellent introduction to docker - although a quick talk, it was easy to digest and the live code samples were very helpful. A good first step - let's have a more advanced one in a few months time :)

Really enjoyed the PPI framework talk - It made it easy to see why developers should care about PSR beyond namespacing.

PPI is a very interesting tool - one that I look forward to using, especially, as others have noted with legacy systems.

Paul himself is a very good speaker, obviously comfortable in front of people and very engaging.

new to PHP but enjoyed the talk. Thanks!

Excellent talk on PPI, its such a useful system I could see myself dropping it into legacy applications to quickly solve problems.

Excellent rundown of Docker and how it contains apps. A great grounding for moving forward with the tech.