First meetup for the rust belgium user group :

Monday 19th June 2017

Event Related by Van Belle Jonathan (Grummfy) (15 minutes)

Introduction to the meetup

Rust's type system & database
Talk by Pieter Penninckx (45 minutes)

When loading data from a database table, it's common practice to only consider the fields one is interested in and to discard the unneeded fields. In his talk, Pieter Penninckx explains how Rust's type system can represent the resulting, partial data. In particular, he illustrates how the power of Rust's generics, traits and associated types can be used to express partial data in a way that is practical, type-safe and that can be used outside of the context of databases as well. The talk is intended to be accessible to people who have little experience in Rust while also giving some insight to more experienced Rustacians.