Let's Write Some History!


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Anonymous at 08:19 on 31 Jul 2015

Great talk, however, I think the talk would have been more fluid in English

Anonymous at 08:39 on 31 Jul 2015

A very interesting good talk. Clear introduction to event sourcing and CQRS and why you want to use it. Sometimes you could get lost a bit in the code if you were not watching close enough, perhaps you can turn it into a live coding?

Great introduction in Event Sourcing, Domain Driven Design and CQRS. For people new to this concepts it might have been a little overwhelming (too much new things). But I think the talk was a perfect match with the audience. Willem-Jan knows what he's talking about.

As a Broadway user the talk was easy to follow and all concepts where very clear to me. For newcomers these topics can be quite hard to follow, but I think that's a problem which can't be solved in a one hour presentation ;-)

As a matter of fact you did a great job fitting all these topics into a hour time slot. You also proofed you can handle some technical issues during the talk.

It was nice to meet you in person and hope to see you again on a future BredaPHP meetup!