The Stateful ElePHPant


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Anonymous at 23:16 on 16 Apr 2015

Thanks for the interesting and good talk!

I heard you wanted to hear improvements instead of compliments:
- Maybe create a separate PhpStorm talk? Distracted a bit from the state concept the talk was about and less interesting for non PhpStorm users.
- After the game (cool and good intro to the concept!) it seemed to take a while to get to the actual statemachine.

Good luck at DPC!

Great talk, we were happy to have you on our first meetup. I'm gonna try to find some negative spots in your talk, but first the good stuff:
- funny intro with the game
- a few jokes between the lines
- did not panic when PhpStorm didn't cooperate anymore ;)
- good speakers skills
- well presented, learned a lot
- really enjoyed the PhpStorm / live coding, learned some new shortcuts :)
- not boring at all

Things to improve:
Perhaps for people who don't use Silex or Symfony the live coding can be hard to follow. If you're not familiar with the concepts like pimple, twig and routing it can be a bit overwhelming. Because you're coding so fast (switching a lot from files) I can image novice people have a hard time to keep up.

Anonymous at 08:41 on 17 Apr 2015

Very good interactive presentation. Clear examples and introduction, live coding and conclusion. I have never seen anyone code so quickly within PHPStorm. Speaker made a relaxed impression and really connected with the audience. I recommend this talk if you want to learn more about State Machines and get a bunch of pro tips for using PHPStorm at the same time.