Building an API with Slim 3


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I have tried hard to think about whether there was anything in this talk missing for me, and I honestly can say there wasn't. Rob covered quite, talking about what makes a good API, how it can be constructed using Slim, and also talked a fair amount about FIG and the PSRs, especially PSR-7 and its importance and how it applies to constructing the API in Slim. It was also presented in a very pragmatic way, which I really appreciated.

I went in to the talk assuming I would need to know Slim to get the full benefits, but the code examples shown were clear and concise and even though they used Slim it was easy to envision then in <micro-framework of choice>. And, indeed, the principles Rob talked about would apply no matter how you constructed an API.

Questions at the end (and during) were all handled well and answered in detail.

All-in-all, I learned quite a bit from this talk and pre-concepts that I had of things being complex were dispelled.

I really liked the detour through the PSR and your opinion about it.
Your feedback on how to design a good API is really valuable.

Not sure if it's in the scope of your talk, but may be you could add something about testing ?
As a sidenote : I am not sure to understand why using __invoke is a good design. May be you could present the benefit.

Great talk, didactic and with rhythm. Thanks.