Talk comments

Nice clear presentation that was easy to follow and had a nice progression.

I always knew that I would find this interesting but I originally thought that you might have picked a topic which was a bit niche for others (extension development and HHVM!).

Regardless, it's clear from the feedback that everyone was really interested by the insight you gave. Well done :)

Very easy to understand and follow.

Your example code was so clear and on point that it was trivial to understand what you were saying.

Very interesting.

You covered use cases and gave clear examples - no faults found.

I thought this was a very interesting talk with some great tips that were clearly fed from past experience.

I'd agree with James there was quite a lot of theory and some code examples might have helped get your message across.

As I said though, a really interesting talk :)

Anonymous at 22:13 on 17 Nov 2015

Very nice presentation, we all appreciated your Italian accent :) Thanks

Anonymous at 11:49 on 17 Nov 2015

Great talk, useful tips.