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The greatest, most well thought out and best organised conference I've gone to. I genuinely believe that this year I've experienced the best conference I'll ever go to, but I hope not because BGPHP17 isn't too far away!

All the little things like the music, game style art (the gaming theme was a great idea) - the attention to detail was brilliant and you could tell by how exhausted the organisers looked afterwards that they'd worked so hard to make everyone feel welcome and enjoy themselves.

As a speaker, the speakers-only room was fantastic - allowed me to relax and practice my talk on the Saturday and sober up on the Sunday!

One suggestion - somehow make it clearer at the end of each talk, maybe by not putting the lights on quite yet, that everyone should be listening to Mihail instead of just getting up and walking out while he's still talking after each talk (I felt bad for him). Also maybe 40 minutes for a talk including questions was a little short for me and other speakers said the same: even an additional 5 minutes each would be good.

Another was the queue lengths. 600+ people and two food stations, with one person serving at a time and taking about 30 seconds for each person to pass through, well you do the maths ;-) it took a while. Maybe designated queuing areas as well because people were just queueing all over the place.

2016 is going to be a hard one to beat.

Milan Popovic at 12:17 on 10 Oct 2016

This is one of my favorite PHP conferences. I was one of the 256 foreign attendees on this conference but you can't feel like a foreigner even for a minute - you'll feel more than welcome every step of the way. I was here last year and it was amazing but this year they were even better. Excellent selection of talks, very good schedule and everything started on time. Food and drink service worked perfectly. If you are consider visiting this conference - do not think twice - add Bulgaria PHP Conference to your schedule for the next year like I did.

Great conference. Can't wait for it next year...

This was my first time in a PHP conference and I thnk the overal organization was pretty good. The only negative think that I managed to find was Sunday's lunch. A part of the food was canned food that you find in a supermarket. Another thing that may be improved is the selection of fhe appropriate room for each talk. I think that, like me, most attendees know in advance (more or less) which talks they are going to hear. So, maybe using a poll, you can also have a good idea about the people distribution in talks. Even if 1/3 or 1/4 of the people participate in the poll, the statistical sample will be good. Finally, if you want to have the real feedback about the talks, maybe it's not a good idea to make the comments public.