Machine Learning for the Rescue


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Really nice introduction to machine learning

James Mallison at 11:27 on 8 Oct 2016

The talk was a good length and showed different available technologies for machine learning. In fact, I'll refer to the slides (when Mariusz puts them up) for choosing the right technique for a given problem (like classification etc).

I've used machine learning before briefly, through the use of a Naive Bayes classifier. However, I felt that the talk was not at all suited to beginners to machine learning. Terms like "document", "model", "classification" etc would need to be explained and I felt some of the examples were arbitrary, although the salary one was good. If I could give some advice to the speaker for next time, it would be to come up with a use case and a problem right at the beginning, and show through the use of machine learning how it was solved, in-depth, throughout the talk. Like what all these averages etc are when writing the code.

I'm glad I went to this and I'm looking forward to seeing more machine learning talks at PHP conferences.

Anonymous at 12:25 on 8 Oct 2016

Plamen Nikolov at 15:11 on 8 Oct 2016

It was an inspiring talk!

Nikola Poša at 01:09 on 9 Oct 2016

Attractive topic, very intriguing and interesting talk. But I'm under the impression that some machine learning basics were left out, so it was pretty hard for people new to the matter to follow this talk.

Boyan Yordanov at 09:00 on 9 Oct 2016

I didn't even know that there are tools for machine learning in php.
While it might not have been quite begging friendly the talk gives a good inside on the process of getting from the point where you think toy need machine learning to actually doing it.

And considering the schedule change and that it was not planned to be a full length talk is was great!

Anonymous at 10:28 on 9 Oct 2016

Nice introduction to Machine Learning. I really liked JavaScrip demo :)

Martin V at 10:31 on 9 Oct 2016

I would like to see one or two more live examples in php, but overall impression is good. I think you delivered a lot of talks, because you were very confident on the stage. Small language mistakes, but I don't care about them. Well done!

I like talks when speaker shares his experience from real project. Thanks!

Grorgi Nikolov at 11:38 on 9 Oct 2016

Great talk

Though a very interesting topic and the fact that I have some background in pattern recognition, I could hardly follow the talk in several points.

Ronald Hristov at 23:09 on 9 Oct 2016

It was a great topic. I've never tried machine learning and it was really easy to follow. There were examples, resources, libraries and I feel ready to start.

Milan Popovic at 12:56 on 10 Oct 2016

Very interesting topic . I would like to see more about machine learning basics.

Really good introduction to the topic and something new for the PHP world

Very interesting topic and I liked included examples and demo together with an introduction.