“Great News–The Relational Model is Dead” was a prominent comment on the release of the new SQL standard in 1999. The message behind the provoking statement was that SQL has evolved beyond the relational model. As much as this move was discussed at that time, it took decades until database vendors caught up with this idiomatic change. Many developers haven’t heard of it until today.

This talk provides the big picture on the evolution of SQL and introduces some selected modern SQL features by example. You will see that SQL has changed as much as our requirements have changed over the past decades.


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Eye opener

Awesome content. Awesomely performed.

Vasil Vasilev at 12:56 on 10 Nov 2019

I was blown off by how many things I dont know, and how much easier my life could have been.

Nikola Poša at 14:40 on 10 Nov 2019

Speaker did very good job at delivering this very insightful, eye-opener talk on the current trends and the state of SQL standard.

Jean-Bernard at 15:51 on 10 Nov 2019

Was very interesting, many things i didn’t know about modern sql

Probably the best conference talk I hear since a long time. Great job, Markus!

Michael Kumar at 15:28 on 11 Nov 2019

Best talk of the day.

Milana Cap at 01:26 on 13 Nov 2019

Very detailed overview of SQL's evolvement accompanied with excellent examples and support charts.

Very educational, thank you Markus.

Now this one was mind-blowing!!! As it comes to my level of usage of the SQL language, after the talk I felt like a boy sitting in his daddy's car, holding the wheel and making "Brrmm brmmm" sounds, instead of actually driving. So much to learn! I highly recommend this lecture to anyone involved with relational databases.

Arnout Boks at 16:14 on 16 Nov 2019

Great talk, it really opened my eyes to a whole bunch of new SQL features.