I had a chance to be part of a team that started developing a decent size React Native mobile app from scratch. As a developer with a solid React background, I had some expectations at first. During my initial research, everything sounded terrific: performance stats, ease of development, learn-once-use-everywhere, debugging tools, etc. But is everything terrific really?

I'm excited to share my journey about how my expectations met the reality. I'll give my personal opinion about the matureness of the technology, for which use-cases it fits well and for which it doesn't. I'll also try to address the most popular misconceptions about React Native, which front-end developers usually have before they have the chance to actually built something.


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I really don't like React and I'm very thankful Kaloyan shared his team experience with React Native in such details.

Probably the most passionate speaker at the conference (ignoring the fact he's also a friend of mine). Despite the subjectiveness of the talk, Kaloyan shared lots of examples and his authentic experience.