Asyncronous data processing


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it was awesome!

Anonymous at 11:27 on 27 Sep 2015

Anonymous at 11:27 on 27 Sep 2015

Examples and explanations can be improved...

I did enjoy it! the speaker is very clear!

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Anonymous at 08:41 on 28 Sep 2015

Great talk, nicely presented.

good practical examples. learned a lot. english could be improved :)

Good example and presentation. Got more interested in RabbitMQ thanks to Andrea, but as someone else mention - English should be improved or at least try to clear the accent. It was a good session anyway!

Unfortunately, the highly-accented English did have an impact on the talk and made it hard to follow at times. Work on that and you should become a really good speaker, everything else was great!

Awesome lecture - very informative and very well focused. It achieved the ever so elusive balance between theory and examples while staying perfectly focused on the subject.

I did struggle a little with the strong accent, but other than that little bit - flawless performance.

Informative and well presented, although I haven't really used queues all that much. I will definitely re-watch it when the videos are up.