Beyond PHP : it's not (just) about the code


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Solid information and really entertaining!

Great client examples which proves his huge experience

The best talk in the event so far!

Touched on areas that most programmers probably don't think about, and made it with some really fun, real-life examples. Every developers' conference should have at least one similar talk!

Anonymous at 21:41 on 26 Sep 2015

Funny talk with a lot of useful info. Loved it!

Best talk I've seen in a while. Wim talked with passion and showed us real client stories making the entire talk come alive and efficiently and funnily pointing out things we should keep an eye out for with clear visuals when needed to explain the concepts further. I'd change nothing in this talk. Thanks!!

One of the best talks on #bgphp15. Very good examples given.

Best talk I've heard, not just at bgphp15, but in general. Keep up the great presentations.

Great talk! Congrats!

awesome talk, great examples, really entertaining and useful. one of the best at #bgphp15

An interesting talk about some common developer problems.

I liked this talk. It was funny and informative.

Can't pint anything wrong, it was great session... Job well done!

Funny yet very, very informative! And all the examples. Just great.

Great talk, straight to the point wonderful customer examples

Great talk! It was really useful!

Awesome talk!
I really enjoyed it!

Very interesting, very useful tips taken in the context of real world situations. I can only wish there was more time.

funny and good talk.

Thanks for this great session!