Clean Code == Pure Conscience


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Lots of books needed to be read in the near future. Great talk!

Anonymous at 08:39 on 28 Sep 2015

I was expecting much more from the talk as the topic is really important. My advice is to prepare better and be more practical showing real examples. Don't talk about the details, just show the audience why it have to be done like that comparing the bad and the good. In fact the real issue is not only about following a particular pattern, but to make the whole your team to do so.

it was a good talk but I expected more specific and practical examples, however it left many topics for own research and learning, so yes it was really helpful

Anonymous at 11:06 on 28 Sep 2015

The topic was interesting, but the session was not really great. There was no clear focus, it was scattered among the different aspects of clean code, the transition between topics was not smooth, with too little details on each.

It would be much better if you focused either on design, coding standards, or refactoring, instead of trying to put them all in 45 minutes.

Nice talk, could use more examples.

Good presentation, but needs more work to staying calm in front of so much people.

The lecture was presented a bit too slow.