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Cal doing a keynote. Can never get enough of those.

The most inspiring talk I've ever heard. 5 thumbs + 1 extra, you deserve for that...

Indescribable, you just have to experience this one!

no words. really inpiring motivational talk by the one and only - Cal Evans. I've never thought that I'd be emotional about a talk at a tech conference

Michelangelo van Dam at 10:41 on 28 Sep 2015

The best given version of this talk! Goosebumps and shivers the whole time!

Anonymous at 12:30 on 28 Sep 2015

Just awesome and very inspiring. Didn't even bother me to hear this for the second time as I would do it again.

I was speechless and the end. It was... can't find words to describe it... Great speech, REALLY GREAT ONE! (bow)

I've heard this talk 3 times now, and each time it still ROCKS!!!

I was speechless! This was great talk, really inspiring!
The photographers gathered for photo was amazingly good addition!

It was really inspiring for me.You opened up my eyes and made me change my perspective on life. Thank you for coming and sharing this great stories!

Will never ever ever ever forgot this talk! Keep the spirit Cal!

I can't believe how energetic and inspiring this talk was. I'm definitely going to re-watch it soon. Great work indeed.

This was my second time to listen this talk. Like previous time - you are excellent speaker and you successfully shared your passion about community with audience.

Great talk. Inspiring, touching, well presented. A perfect end of the conference!

Passionate and inspiring and fun and sad and overall one of the best talks I've seen.