Drinking from the Firehose: Real-time Analytics


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Anonymous at 15:27 on 26 Sep 2015

Really nice presentation, I especially liked the demonstration of how the solution evolved from initial iteration.

Not much in terms of practical insight that you get from the talk, as the speaker basically presented her experiences from a rarely unusual kind of project.
Still, so fascinating to watch, the room was literally over-crowded! I'd say this was the hidden gem at the event so far. :)

Definitely my favourite talk today!

I wish I had known Samantha way before TEK, what a talent!!!

Samantha rocks on and off stage, but it's scary to see such a nice lady all dressed up smashing the pointer she hold in her hands… but then again, big data can have that effect on people ;-)

Awesome session, good pace and really clean slides. Loved it!

Just a tweak for the future: try to speak a little less fast as it was sometimes hard to follow you. Don't forget, we're non-native English speaking people and we need to translate what you're saying in our heads.

Very interesting talk and very well presented. It was nice to see how the solution evolved through the different iterations.

Just one thing to improve, the syntax highlighting on code example slides was a little bit hard to read. Maybe use some other colors to add more contrast. But other than that it was a really great talk and I enjoyed it a lot.

Wow!! This talk was amazing, I loved how Samantha showed the different iterations of the problem she was solving and why it didn't work. It was so fascinating I thought I had just sat there for 5 minutes when it was over. Thank you!!!

The best talk on the conf!

Hope that there will be more talks in the future about big data and analysis and kind of regret that the talk was so short :-)

When the presentation will be available for download?

Excellent talk. It is interesting to see how companies deal with mind-boggeling amounts of data.

Oh my god that stage presence was imposing. I was so captured by the entire enthusiasm and energy you put out, that even a knitting presentation would have kept me focus.

Great content, and great delivery. /me tips hat

Just blew me up that people deal with that complex tasks and fix them in trial and error. Come back next year, we will be interested again..

An awesome presentation of a practical problem and it's solution.

Fantastic talk. I really liked because you showed us your path to final solution.

I too enjoy Samantha's session. It was very good to see the fails (tries) and not only the success story. And it was real-life example and his way to deal with it.

But I agree with Michelangelo van Dam - you should try to speak a little bit slower.

Good job!

It was just fascinating! One of my favorite talks of the whole conference. Yes, it lacked a little in detail of the actual implementation and yes, she did speak a little too fast, but I didn't have trouble following and I think that the bigger picture was the important part rather than implementation details.

And again, it was fascinating to take a quick look under the hood of how a company deals with such huge amount of data.

Mind blown! Great talk, great information and insight into handling tons of data.