Eating ElePHPants


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Awesome and inspiring keynote, really adds an "you can do it!" Mentality that is often needed when people are struggling with legacy code bases. Taking it one bite at a time is great advice. Captivating as always with an extremely passionate speaker.

One thing to possibly think about for Larry: Passionate and funny as it was, at one point the screaming hurt my ears. I'd check just how loud the sound system is before screaming into the mic. Minor thing though as there was only one or two screams which added to the passion of the talk. Thanks! :) <3

It was great to gain experience from maintaining an open source project.

Nice talk, but too much Waaat for me ;)

Excellent keynote!

Most other talks would naturally condemn every little flaw, so it was very fitting for this one to close the day, because it delivered an important reminder: you can't solve all the problems overnight.

There were those few loud moments though. :)

it was great. really inspiring. a must to attend. got a bit scared from some of the sudden shouts :)

Great keynote, great delivery. Very inspiring.

Fantastic keynote for end of the first day. Just great!

Very well done...again!

Really helpfull talk about the walls an widely used software is facing trying to improve itself

Very well delivered and really inspiring. I would say proof that everything can be changed for the better if the people involved are willing to commit the time and effort needed.

And although I don't use Drupal it was fascinating to get a peek inside the development process even from a high level.

Got me spooked a couple of times with the shouting but it served its purpose too, I think.

Too much Waaat for me too :-)