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Touching talk about the PHP Community and how to get involved into the PHP Community. Great tips how to get your local PHP Usergroup started.

I would like to see the slides or a summary of the tips where to advertise your Usergroup like the Zend Usergroup Directory (

Inspiring speech! Made me think about doing something community related :)

He's a community hero for a reason. Great advice for getting involved and helping to grow the community.

Always good to hear Michelangelo talk about PHP community, not just inspiring but also practical advise for people looking how to start participating.

Very inspiring speech! He's a community hero, for real!

Great inspiring talk!

Mihail Irintchev at 16:53 on 26 Sep 2015

Great and influential as always! Thank you, Michelangelo!

Michelangelo and his coffee mug are great speakers! Inspired!

Really managed to inspire me and made me think about my (everyone's) role in the community

Great inspiring keynote motivating people to be ththe community.

Great talk about community, delivered impeccably.

Inspiring talk...

Anonymous at 10:41 on 28 Sep 2015

Seems that people liked this talk, but for me it was not that inspiring. I think that Michelangelo didn't sound that excited while he was explaining how people should get involved in the community, so delivery was the most problematic part for me in this talk.

I think that more enthusiasm would improve this talk a lot. The topic itself is great.

I think that you speak with more passion about testing - just bring that passion into this talk.

Very inspiring speech! Job well done!

Really passionate and inspiring talk. I am sure it made many of us think about our place in the community and how we can contribute back to it.

One of the reasons that during the conference I started to think that I perhaps should be a little more involved in the local development community in general in my city and online.

Anonymous at 10:20 on 30 Sep 2015

It was very inspiring!!!

It was very inspiring! Great talk!