Shift Left - Find Bugs As Early As Possible


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Great talk. Enjoyed it very much.

Mihail Irintchev at 16:50 on 26 Sep 2015

Great fun and very useful pointers! Very entertaining as well!

So much laughs that if there was a flaw, you wouldn't notice it! 4 points only because other talks at the event were just hands-down better. :)

Anonymous at 21:49 on 26 Sep 2015

Really useful talk with interesting examples and guidelines.
Very funny and easy to listen talk. Would have loved to have been a bit longer.
Hand's down, the best "joke" for the day was "Bai mangal stole the cable..." :D Thank you very much!

The content was really good but at times you got a bit too fun mode and could not focus on the importance of the topic anymore. I would suggest a little bit more balance, but that's my personal view.

Good job!!

great talk. really helpful with the advices for good and fast tests, examples and specific tools mentioned. and a real fun, of course. :)

An entertaining and nice talk. Good presentation.

I didn't expect this talk to be as good as it was. Very fun and well structured and presented.

Perhaps it could use more examples and more options for the tooling. And as other people said the "bai mangal" joke was just spot on.

Yep, "bai mangal" is always the most unpleasant problem! Great talk , good structure and helpful tips

Thank you all for your feedback.

There is a lot to chew on in this presentation, and I needed it to fit into 35 minute window. So I had to skip some of the more detailed content. Given that the audience is with varying degree of technical expertise, my priority was to try and get my main message across.

For the next year, I'm thinking to do a tutorial, 4 to 6 hours, on how to setup everything that I've talked in this presentation. We'll work on a sample application, and you'll get to configure all the defenses + CI setup, phing, smoke API and UI automated tests.

Let me know if you're interested.