Your code are my tests! (Testing Legacy Code)


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great talk , thak you,

any advice for good resource to start with UnitTesting with Zend or/and Yii Framework


Very cool and usefull talk. It will be a guid for all the people trying to start writing tests, but never knew how.

The apparent judgement based on whether you own a certain book or not was way over the top. While I understand the nobel intent behind that, it may backfire badly because it hurts people's feelings.
In fact, just after the talk I overheard a conversation between two attendees, belittling ALL of the talk. And I'm quite certain it was exactly because of that one bad moment, not just crappy developers looking for excuses not to do unit tests. You don't want that!

Everything else was rock solid though, so still 5/5 from me.

nice talk. writing tests seemed so easy that i believe you inspired many of the attendees to start writing right away

Anonymous at 12:30 on 28 Sep 2015

Really inspiring talk! The attitude was just right to get your sh*t together and start testing.

Nice presentation!

Tests are essential part of coding.

There are many talks about testing and we still don't do it enough, however showing how you can get a project with no tests at all and how to start adding them inside the presentation is probably the best way to get people on board. Showing that it is not that hard and Michelangelo's passion about it adds to the overall tone and meaning.

The obligatory picture of Chris Hartjes was something I expected to see at least once during the conference, but was cool non the less. To attendees looking at this, get his books!

Great talk! Very inspiring, touching and well presented. I am sure many people will start writing tests if they don't do it already :)

Anonymous at 11:57 on 2 Oct 2015

Very nice and inspiring talk. Definitely brought across the point that tests are indespensible and there is no excuse to not make them.