8 attended
Hosts: Graham Weldon, Larry E. Masters
Event Website: http://cakefest.org
Short URL: https://joind.in/e/cakefest2011 QR-Code (opens in new window)
Call for Papers: Closed.

CakeFest 2011 is here, and its an event not to miss!

Featuring four solid days of workshops and conference talks, its a massive celebration of the success of the CakePHP framework for over 6 years, and the best place to be to hear about CakePHP developments, updates and techniques from respected community members and core developers!

The first two days comprise a comprehensive set of workshops. These sessions are designed to service both new and experienced CakePHP users to build the best applications possible, following the CakePHP conventions. These sessions are run by core developers, offering a unique opportunity to gain experience to rapidly build and deploy web applications.

The conference component occupies the final two days of CakeFest, starting with key presentations from the CakePHP team. This is the perfect introduction to the conference, and is continued with presentations on a range of topics including security, version control, databases and alternative storage, optimization, management and more.

CakeFest 2011 will feature talks on CakePHP 2.0, migration strategies, best practices, changes, and a whole host of new and exciting information about this next step in the evolution of CakePHP!

Tickets are available that include two nights of accommodation at the James hotel. This is the same hotel at which the conference is being hosted. These ticket prices are reduced to ensure you get the lowest price possible by bundling accommodation costs with your event ticket.

CakeFest is a perfect opportunity to extend your network of contacts in the web development area, as well as make contact with core developers. CakeFest presents quality talks from a range of experienced and qualified developers and community leaders.

Following each days events all CakeFest attendees are invited to mingle in a variety of social outings, building on the official timetable, offering a great way to get to know the community and team in a more relaxed environment.

CakeFest 2011 is an event not to miss!