Contribute to CakePHP with Git and GitHub


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Interesting introduction to Git. Suggestion for future talks would be to explain the staging tree.


This helps identify what's going on while someone is modifying files, why they need to stage the files (git add), and what the difference is between a commit and a push.

Also, here is a funny visual [] for when you talk about sword fighting during a merge.

Great feedback as to why you won't merge back into your local master when you branch your code. Master should only receive updates from upstream.

As a call to action you could send folks off to to get them started with GitHub and a very simple introduction to Git.

I would like to thank the 6 people that have worked on signin with twitter for letting me comment on this site :)

Nice Introduction to get started with Github. Thanks.

Great talk listing some of the best commands for Github.

Great talk, I've finally realised why everyone says branches are so easy in Git

Great introduction to Git with all its advantages over old version control systems (subversion *cough*).