AngularJS Fundamentals Tutorial


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Excellent introduction to angular =).

Great start to Angular. I knew of it but nothing about it, now I think I'll give it a try and build an application with it!
Professionally delivered and being able to follow along with the code from GH was great.

It was a good introduction. I would reduce the amount of code on the screen and increase the font size, as I couldn't follow the code too well in the back. The speaker seems very knowledgeable.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely do that for the future.

Anonymous at 19:29 on 24 Aug 2014

good introduction to angular

Anonymous at 19:52 on 24 Aug 2014

Good talk, wanted to check it out before but didn't have time. I would love an example that would involve talking back to the server (like a button press that triggers some server response).