Writing code that lasts


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Anonymous at 19:08 on 23 Aug 2014

Fully agree with the rules, well said!

Awesome talk! Really a good introduction into this very important topic.

Anonymous at 19:10 on 23 Aug 2014

Really a great talk!

Funny, and entertaining - and love the rules.
Will try apply the last of them, I'm not currently using.

Anonymous at 19:10 on 23 Aug 2014

Entertaining and thought provoking!

"Avoid else" was an interesting (and controversial point) - similar to "return early" - which alone is a good take away to producing simpler code.

I can only agree with the other comments.
Great talk and you have talent to speak in front of a crowd.
I'm certainly going a mission now!

Awesome talk, thank you!

Great talk delivered well. Vibrant, funny, interesting and conveyed the concepts brilliantly.

I really enjoyed the talk. The object calisthenics rules made a lot of sense. I feel like trying them, because they seem like easy and concrete things to do. The speaker was also very entertaining.

Great Talk. Let me rethink about my coding styles.

Third-time seeing this talk and it gets better and better. Note to other organizers: make it a Keynote!