Are you responsible for the code you write? Ask the Volkswagen engineer who's in prison for creating software that allowed their cars to “cheat” on emissions tests. Or think of the ethical issues if you're programming IoT devices that spy on users and report back to the company. What about social networks that allow users’ data to be stolen? Or self-driving cars that have to choose which lives to save in a crash? Developers make all of these things happen. It's easy to forget that the code you write affects real humans. We need to be aware of how much power we've been given and start taking responsibility for what we build.


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An absolutely necessary and fascinating talk. Clarissa pulls no punches as she channels her frustrations with people behaving unethically under the guise of “just following orders”

Lots of great examples to reinforce the point. We are responsible for what we build.

Miro Svrtan at 11:44 on 15 Sep 2018

Great talk!

This keynote covered such an essential topic, and I loved how Clarissa challenged us to be better. The examples were easy to relate to, and I also appreciated her including accessibility features in the talk.

A really important message and a great keynote. Has ready helped me to start thinking about this more critically, so for this audience member at least, it's achieved its purpose! Thanks Clarissa!

Great talk, but I do think the latter was a bit heavy-handed. I mean, I completely agree with the views presented, but I felt like we went from Ethics for Developers to instead Political Considerations of Technology. We were skating Godwin's for quite a while there.

Nour Akalay at 03:32 on 20 Sep 2018

Good talk. Nothing really new but a good reminder of where we're at on this topic. I didn't agree with everything but with most things.