Serverless, aka Function as a Service or lambdas, is a new opportunity for deploying and running applications cheaply and at scale. But merging the mature PHP ecosystem and its frameworks with these new architectures and tools is not always a piece of cake! Can we run HTTP or CLI applications on lambdas? Does it work with Symfony? Laravel? PSR-15? This is how Bref started: let's have a look at how serverless architectures work and how to throw PHP and its frameworks into the mix.


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Sharlee Bryan at 15:43 on 15 Sep 2018

Very approachable material and excellent presentation explaining serverless in general and how you might integrate it with PHP to improve scalability and reduce costs!

The kind of talk that makes you go “great, looks like I need to leverage the heck outta this tech now!”

+1 on Steve's comment. Not only did Matthieu present this in an understandable manner, he was reasonably thorough in addressing implementation concerns and realistic about some of the tradeoffs involved with the serverless paradigm.

This talk gave me some great ideas, I loved the info about how to make PHP run on Amazon Lambda, and Matthieu included a lot of info about the pros and cons. Very thorough and helpful!

Well that cleared a lot up for me.
I can see how this is the future of hosting.
Great presentation.

Miro Svrtan at 16:57 on 22 Sep 2018

I think this really interesting subject, great content.

Not sure if speaker was tired due to travel & 9 timezones difference or not prepared but there were few occasions that can be easily polished for this talk to be a 5* one (IMO):

- tempo was broken on 4-5 occasions and it was hard to follow with going back and forth as speaker noted that he missed some details
- I would suggest watching at attendees a bit more than to the screen of the laptop