We are excited to welcome Phillip Harrington, a web developer at Cisco Systems, to talk about Laravel 5 Middleware. You can learn more about Phillip at https://phillipharrington.com/. You can also find Phillip on Twitter at https://twitter.com/philsown.

Middleware is a powerful feature of Laravel 5. In this talk, we'll briefly cover what middleware is, it's place in the Laravel lifecycle, and how to create it. Then we'll look at some real-world, in-production use cases that demonstrate the appropriate use of middleware to examine incoming requests, and situations where you might modify the out-going response headers or body content. Finally, you'll learn some use-cases where not to use middleware, and how to test it. Phillip Harrington is a web developer with 16 years of experience currently building solutions with Laravel for Cisco Systems, Inc.'s Learning@Cisco team.