Be more productive by taking better notes


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I wasnt really fond of this talk. It did however remember me of the limited amount of "space" in the cognitive pool, which i've written down. The sheets were nicely drawn and after talking with some people, i've heard that other people took home some very good things.

I would try to make the talk a bit more dynamic in the future.

It is not a topic to get really exited about, but the talk itself was okay. It got me thinking about the way I currently take my notes and I'm certainly going to apply some of your tips and even start organizing my notes :) so I think you've achieved your goal!

A good presentation overall. I think it went a little bit too specific on the pen & paper section for my taste. Would have liked some mention about digital note taking tools also and the pros and cons they have in comparison to pen and paper.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this talk, but it really surprised me. How can someone talk about kinds of pens and paper at actually make it interesting? Well, Adam did it! I took some awesome new techniques for note taking from this talk. I liked the overall style of the slides and the level of detail. Try to appear more enthusiastic as that might make it perfect.

There are a lot of things we do not pay attention to, taking notes is one of them. Never did I actually think about the paper I am using or the type of pen.

Not sure how much I will get to apply out of the things I learned, but I did learn them so that a big + for me.

Interesting talk, however, there is some room to improvement:

1- When you talked about different kind of pens, please include a picture of every one, I consider myself to be proficient in English but it ain't my native language so I'm not really familiar with the name of a pen type and associating them with the mental picture of the one you're describing.
2- It would be nice to give some more attention to digital formats, or at least the emphasis on why not to use them.

1. I was confused when the presentation started. I rarely take notes on paper and I do it only if I can't write down my thoughts on an electronic device. I wouldn't be confused if the title was "Be more productive by taking better hand-written notes".

2. I heard about new ways of organizing my space on paper, and I really liked that.

3. Missing pictures was an issue to me. I was not familiar with this kind of vocabulary.

4. How do you take notes if you're on a 20 min. bus ride? I had some of the best ideas when coming back from work. I would appreciate to hear advices about taking notes on a phone, a computer or a tablet.

There were some very valuable tips and other bits and pieces on note taking and how it can actually help you, in between a lot of ramblings on about the different kind of pens, or paper, or notebooks, in existence.
I have to say I totally lost my concentration and found it very hard to focus on the good bits.
Maybe the first 15 minutes or so could be shortened to a very short expose about pens/paper/notebooks. I don't think everyone in the audience is able to get as exited about those as the speaker clearly was.
I did love the style of the notebook slides.

I never realized that it was even possible to organize your notebook in such a wide variety. I always carry around a small notebook in my laptop bag, but not use it enough. Will definately try these techiques in the future. The talk was ok, but very monotone. Especially in a very theoretical talk like this, such tone makes it hard to listen to.

In my opinion, the part about papers and pens was a bit too much for the audience, because most of them probably don't use paper so much for taking notes. It was very, very specific, like the focus was on the notes and not in what we want to achieve with them.

The techniques were interesting, I also liked the slides very much, but I found it difficult to keep concentrated on the talk. If you could get some interaction with the public it would be nice.

I liked the style of the slides and the way Adam presented this talk.

BUT as others have already said: There was too much talking about the paper and pens but I did enjoy the organisation of your notes.

Some tips for next time:
Even tho you don't use digital notetaking yourself, include some information about how to take better digital notes, some apps you can use etc. Maybe ask others who successfully do this, and replace the pens and paper part with that information, then I believe this can be a valuable talk for conferences where people can really learn more about notetaking.

Like others have already mentioned, the part about the differences between pens and notebooks is a bit too much. I liked the different techniques in taking notes though.

Despite the slow start this was actually a pretty interesting talk with lots of practical tips. I am not a pen and paper geek but I do really need to organise all my notes better, so the last section was really useful for me. I do however have a split of online and written paper notes and online notes weren't covered which would have been interesting.

The delivery of the talk was also a little bit monotone and uninspiring and would benefit from being livened up a bit.
I'll remember it though and will be trialing some of the techniques mentioned.

Anonymous at 19:00 on 15 Nov 2013

I enjoyed it, even the pen and paper parts. The slides were wonderful illustrations of the techniques themselves. I would only work on the delivery, especially your use of voice: vary it more and the talk will be much improved.