Continuous Integration with Jenkins


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Mike did an excellent job explaining how quality assurance can be accomplished by using Jenkins as a continuous integration server. Due to the big amount of work needed to setup the server, I would say the duration of this workshop could be a bit longer. It would be also great if Mike could suggest a list of books/tutorials to go a step further.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend to watch Mike van Riel in a future conference if you have the chance.

Mike is an excellent speaker and did a near perfect job explaining what QA is all about.
He made me realise that QA is much more than only automated testing.
QA makes teams collaborate and makes sure less time is spent on fixing tedious bugs.
Really enjoyed this workshop, but it was too short imo.

Hat tip to Mike for an excellent workshop.

A workshop that really grasps the benefits of working with CI. Mike is a clear speaker who really gets your attention by simply just using his experience to explain things. The workshop had a great introduction that pulled you right into the Jenkins material.
The hands-on practice with Jenkins was very fun and helpful but it needed more time. And IMO it deserved more time! :)

All in all great workshop from a great guy!

This was an awesome workshop. I've been working with Jenkins and CI for over 3 years now, and yet i still learned some new things. Mike is also a really good speaker, that was able to deliver the information in a way that kept me focussed. Keep it up!

Mike set up an excellent workshop. While supplying the virtual environment, no software was (really) installed so that we learned what software was need to get a fully deployed environment. Because the software was already downloaded on the virtual environment, there was no need for us to drain the network so we could move on without the network slowing us down.

Having a README file present on the virtual environment with all the commands needed to be executed, it didn't matter whether or not you were following along: fast people could work ahead, more relaxed people like myself could stay up to speed.

Top workshop!

Good workshop. Well prepared and you notice that Mike really knows his stuff. If you have no experience using Jenkins/Continues intergration, then I'd really suggest following on of his workshops.