Unit testing with PHPUnit


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I was very happy today to participate at this workshop. Joshua convinced us today that unit testing is possible and worth trying even with big legacy code projects. I would love to watch Joshua Thijssen in another speech talking about more advanced unit testing tips and techniques.

Great workshop by a great guy.
The workshop provided a great intro for PhpUnit usage and contained some practical hands-on examples on data providers, mocks, stubs, ...
Allround great workshop.

Great workshop to quickly get into the swing of unit testing with PhpUnit! The structure of the workshop was good and there was plenty of time to practice the things that were shown to us. Joshua was very helpful and took his time to answer all the questions of the attendees. It was also great that he used his own experiences to teach us some of his best practices.

Good workshop that really showed how to setup and use the very basics of PHPUnit in a way that creates usable tests. Even though i didnt really learn a lot in this workshop, it still showed me that the way we're doing it now, pushes us in the right direction. I'd recommend this workshop if you're just getting into PHPUnit.

Very helpful workshop to get your PHPUnit on the move.
While an environment was supplied, I set up my own (virtual) environment and ended with a nice working set of tests.
Location was superb, time was great for getting started with PHPUnit. Now I've got all I need to get going with my existing (and upcoming!) projects.

Good speech, very well explained and supplied us with a working testing environment. The entire workshop went very smooth and it was very good to exchange ideas on how, why or what to do with phpunit testing. I enjoyed the workshop very much.