Keynote Microsoft: The new Microsoft in a cloud-first, mobile-first open world.


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Anonymous at 16:39 on 30 Mar 2015

An interesting tour to Microsoft technology.
In 20 minutes it's all explain in very clear words.
Very good keynote!

Anonymous at 16:41 on 30 Mar 2015

Anonymous at 16:45 on 30 Mar 2015

Looking one single year in the past noboby would have ever imagined Microsoft to become one of the more open company around.
All the news about Microsoft are so stunning and appealing that we could not wait to see what's next. Welcome to the new Microsoft!

Microsoft has been an intense 2014 , what we can imagine for this 2015 just started ???

Anonymous at 23:35 on 30 Mar 2015

The Microsoft vision shared in this keynote describe an ecosystem in continuous update, extremely dynamic and in line with market trends.

Well presented and Microsoft did really change, but the presentation tried just a little too hard. For example the part about UEFI: I didn't think it fit with the rest of the talk and was only appointing blame: Look, we are all good now, it's just others who make us appear bad. Nevertheless, inspiring and not a sales pitch :)